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Titan Platten
Zirconium Zr 702 sheets
Working material: 6.0702
Thicknesses: 1,0 - 40 mm
Widths: 1.000 - 2.438 mm
Lengths: 2.000 - 6.096 mm
Versions: Cold-rolled, hot-rolled, annealed
Surfaces: Descaled, pickled, sanded, blasted
Standards: ASTM B 551, ASME SB 551, VD TÜV BL 480

Purchase Zirconium sheets Zr 702

If you would like to purchase a Zirconium sheet for your construction project or even need several sheets made from Zirconium Zr 72 (working material No. 6.0702), HWN titan GmbH, as experienced warehouse keeper and distributor of semi-finished products made from various working materials, is the right contact for your company.

We offer Zirconium sheets starting from 1,0 mm thickness up to 40 mm thickness. The surfaces vary from annealed and pickled up to sanded.

The materials are provided in various specifications depending on application and market requirements, starting with ASTM B 551, VD TÜV sheet 480 up to customer defined requirements.

Generally, Zirconium Zr 702 sheets are used in fields of work with high demands to the sheets’ corrosion properties, therefore Zirconium Zr 702 is particularly suitable for applications in chemical industries.

Individual services regarding Zirconium sheets

Deforming Zirconium sheets in cold condition is not possible without precautionary measures. We customize your Zirconium sheets (working material 6.0702) after your provisions, homologate specifications and initiate the upgrade of your Zirconium semi-finished products for the respective application with various certifying institutions like TÜV Rheinland or DNV among others.

We will be happy to consult you and explain what you need to know regarding the purchase of Zirconium Zr 702 sheets and at which specifications it will be important to pay closer attention to the component to be produced.

In case you have long-term delivery obligations, you can sign framework agreements with HWN titan GmbH. We guarantee prices and volumes over the respective duration.

Purchase Zirconium Zr 702 sheets

Profit from our long-term experience in international procurement markets. Since 1998 we have been providing small, medium-sized and large enterprises worldwide with semi-finished products made from various working materials. Aside from the working material Zirconium, we are also specialized in Titanium, Niobium, Tantalum, Hafnium and a multitude of other working materials.

Do you have questions regarding our services or product range? Our competent and experienced staff will be happy to assist you comprehensively via phone. We are looking forward to your inquiry.

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