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Surface engineering
Surface engineering

PVD coatings - provider of surface technology

Sputtering targets are needed as basic materials for various coating processes like PVD-, laser- or ion beam technologies.

To process high quality coatings the target’s quality is an essential criterion.

Targets made from refractory materials can be produced powder metallurgically by pressing of powders or powder mixtures and subsequent sintering, their structure, homogeneity and purity can be selectively influenced.

Sputtering targets are used as basic material for various coating processes such as PVD-, laser- or ion-beam-technologies.

HWN titan GmbH delivers tailor-made coatings targets for your requirements and applications:

  • Glass coatings
  • Automobile part coatings
  • Cutting tool coatings
  • Synthetic component coatings
  • Medical coatings
  • Semiconductor coatings
  • Energy technology coatings
  • Optical coatings
  • Metrological coatings
  • Decorative coatings

PVD-Coating Technology

The physical deposition of thin layers is executed through the PVD process. This is done in plants that follow the “Arc” procedure or through cathode sputtering in high vacuum containers. PVD coatings possess functional properties which extend the lifespan of e.g. tools. They also meet all requirements for high quality decorative properties.

Through HWN titan GmbH you can purchase premium sputtering targets, ARC-cathodes and sputtering materials for PVD coating technology. The scope of applications for these ultra thin, vacuum applied coatings reaches from wear protection and decorative layers, glass and photovoltaics to applications in the field of semi conductors. You can purchase individually tailor-made products made from pure metals, alloys and oxides from us,. HWN titan GmbH offers an extensive portfolio of materials even in special sizes with an excellent cost-efficiency.

Please do not hesitate to contact us, our experts will be happy to assist you.

Scope of materials: Titanium – Zirconium – Niobium – Hafnium – Tantalum – Molybdenum – Tungsten

Contact Persons

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Dieter Pawel pawel@hwn-titan.de +49 2166 6284-58
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