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Luftfahrt Titan
Aerospace industries

Aerospace Industries

The aerospace industry has the highest demand for stability and corrosion resistance in relation to the material’s specific weight which predestines titanium and titanium alloys for being the material of choice. Consequently, there is a broad span of how titanium can be used reaching from smaller mechanically processed structural components to supporting parts in fuselage or jet engine blades.

The most important invention in aeronautics in recent years has been the flying machine of the German engineer Otto Lilienthal.” Nikolai Jegorowitsch Schukowski (Newspaper article 1897)

Otto Lilienthal’s first flying tests in 1891 were based on the principle “heavier than air” and demanded developments in aerodynamic engineering. Today, emphasis is instead placed on progress in material science and technology, using materials and substances which on the one hand excel through minimum weight in relation to their specific strength and on the other hand offer maximum heat and corrosion resistance.

Titanium semi-finished Products in Aeronautics

Since the beginning of the commercial production of titanium and its alloys in the 1950s, it has become increasingly important in civil aviation. At first, only parts for the new jet airplane’s engines were made from titanium. But in the following years, and due to rising demand, more and more structural components ended up being made from titanium and its alloys like Ti6AI4V..

The new generation of airplanes like the Airbus A350 or Boeing 787 Dreamliner consist of 50% carbon fibre reinforced synthetic materials (CFK) allowing for a much larger application of titanium in these types of airplane.

Due to electrochemical corrosion in the passenger cell caused for example by condensation, a material is required that offers more corrosion resistance than aluminium. Titanium especially excels due to its combination of different essential characteristics for the construction of aircrafts, such as high specific strength, fracture toughness, low specific weight and corrosion resistance.

Buy titanium semi-finished products

HWN titan GmbH delivers titanium semi-finished products all over the world to customers from various market segments. If you are interested in purchasing semi-finished products made from titanium or other materials, we will be happy to assist you. At HWN titan GmbH you can purchase semi-finished products made from the following: Titanium – Niobium – Hafnium – Molybdenum – Tungsten

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