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Medizintechnik Titan
Medical technologies semi-finished products
Medical technologies semi-finished products
Medical technologies semi-finished products
Medizintechnik Titan
Medical technologies semi-finished products teeth

Medical technology

Titanium is truly the most biocompatible material of all. Corrosion-resistant, antimagnetic and with a high specific strength, pure titanium and titanium 6AL4V Eli are perfect for being used as implant materials in medical technologies.

Mainly responsible for the various correlations between the human body and the implant are the material’s physical and chemical characteristics.

Here titanium stands out because it creates a specific surface layer and also allows for an an extraordinary ingrowth of the bone.

Thus, titanium is considered non-toxic and causes no allergic reactions.

For this reason, titanium nowadays is the most used material in dental implantology as well as in knee and hip implants which are among the most common surgical operations in the joint area.

Titanium in Medical Technology

The commercial exploitation of titanium began only after the patent for the Kroll process was granted in 1940. Resulting from its high strength and density, low specific weight and remarkable corrosion resistance it can be used in all technical demanding applications like medical technology. Due to its biocompatibility, its durability in a biological environment (anti-allergic), low heat conductivity and anti-magnetic properties, titanium is the perfect material for extensive use in medical technology.

Titanium – Applications in Medical Technology

  • Joint implants in knees, pelvis and shoulder
  • Fixing elements, eg. bone screws, bone nails and bone plates
  • Dental and prosthetics implants
  • Pace makers (cases)

Alloyed Titanium

The different titanium qualities which are applicable in medical technology are subdivided in different categories:

  • Non-alloyed titanium like titanium grade 1, grade 2 and grade 4 (according to ASTM F67 & ISO 5832-2)
  • Alloyed titanium, like Ti6AL4V ELI (extra low interstitials / according to ASTM F 136 & ISO 5832-3) and Ti6AL7Nb (according to ASTM F1295 & ISO 5832-11)

The determining factor for the choice of material is resilience, for example alloyed titanium is mainly used for joint implants whereas non-alloyed titanium is used for dental implants.

Buy Titanium semi-finished products

HWN titan GmbH delivers titanium semi-finished products all over the world. If you have questions or need more information about our products, our experts will be happy to assist you. At HWN titan GmbH you can purchase semi-finished products made from the following: Titanium – Zirconium – Niobium – Tungsten

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