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92,90637 u
Name Niobium
Symbol Nb
Atomic number 41
Atomic mass 92,90637 u
Density 8,57 g/cm³ (at 20 °C)
Melting point 2750 K (2477 °C)

Niobium semi-finished products

We are an enterprise operating globally that offers high quality semi-finished products made from niobium and niobium alloys. If you are looking for a reliable partner that you can purchase niobium semi-finished products from we will be the ideal contact for you. See the outstanding quality of our products for yourself and contact us either by phone or through our online contact form – or visit us at our headquarters in Mönchengladbach.

Applications for Niobium semi-finished Products

Niobium belongs to the family of refractive metals and is extracted from the ores columbite, coltan and loparite. It is used primarily as alloying element for especially stainless steels.

As metallic semi-finished products niobium and its alloys are very versatile. Niobium is used for highly corrosive applications in chemical industries due to its optimum corrosion properties almost matching tantalum. Further applications are cavities from highly pure niobium for accelerator facilities such as XFEL DESY in Hamburg.

Niobium and niobium alloys are also deployed in medical technology (MRI), the coating industry (technical coatings), the lamp industry (sodium vapour lamps) and in aerospace (control jets).

Production of Niobium semi-finished Products

Due to elaborate extraction and difficult production of niobium semi-finished products, the material is expensive and its availability is limited. However, processing niobium semi-finished products is not difficult, the material itself is very soft, ductile, easy to shape and can be welded safely and easily in consideration of its affinity to gases. For mechanical processing it has to be taken into account that the material does not produce large shavings and tends to lubricate. For applications in air or with oxidizing environments niobium alloys need a special coating because otherwise they will react directly with oxygen and will consume themselves in the long run due to the formation of Nb2O5.

Product moulds

Ingot • Slab • Club • Rod • Wire • Plate • Sheet Metal

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