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Automotive Titan

Automotive Titanium & Zirconium - Semi-finished products for cars

One of the main objectives of car manufacturers is to make vehicles lighter and therefore more environmentally friendly. Less weight means less fuel consumption and less emissions.

Thus, there are a variety of approaches for exploiting titanium materials in car manufacturing, ranging from engine components and transmission parts to spring elements and exhaust systems.

At HWN titan GmbH you can purchase semi-finished products for the manufacturing of cars.

Do you need tailor-made parts in special sizes? We deliver worldwide and will be happy to consult you about this.

Titanium semi-finished Products for Cars

Requirements in the automotive sector are changing constantly and are becoming more and more demanding. Consumers follow general trends and have started using a growing number of features like electronic driver assistance systems to make the daily use of cars safer and more convenient. But what we really need to know is the secret of how cars are being constantly improved in terms of environmental and economic aspects without reducing performance and emotions.

Buy Titanium Automobile Components

Even small weight reductions already lead to more efficient and economic cars. Thus, less weight means a higher range or less emissions. In addition, today’s automobiles are more resistant to weather influences and are of higher durability.

The selection of the optimum material is a crucial component for construction engineers in the automotive industry. German engineers recognised the use of titanium materials in automobiles already from early on. However, the market acceptance of titanium was delayed due to a lack of availability caused by the high use of titanium in aerospace. Fortunately, newly created capacities led to an adequate supply of the material so that today the automotive industry increasingly deploys titanium parts. Titanium has a low specific weight, is highly resistant to corrosion, solid, long lasting and can easily be recycled.

For many years, the HWN titan GmbH team has been in close cooperation with different users of titanium materials in the automobile sector. On the basis of our long-term experience we will be happy to consult you in any aspect.

Materials: Titanium – Hafnium – Tantalum – Tungsten

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